Piper Lauri Salogga, Founder



Personal Statement

In 1990, with an insatiable curiosity about Life and a desire for happiness, I began a thus twenty-year quest to heal the broken parts of my past and fill my heart. I wanted to feel real joy in living.

My path of personal change started with the Twelve Steps for co-dependency. Like many of us, I came up against my unwillingness to let go and trust my life would get better. But, faced with no other choice besides sustained unhappiness, I eventually felt myself—feet dragging all the way—release into the program and reap its benefits. I started to open to the Life I knew I wanted, but had no idea how to embody. 

With continued work and study, my life revealed the blessings of personal power, love, and connection. I became addicted to understanding how my mind and body worked to protect themselves out of fear, but also how I could retrain them to do and be what I wanted. I desired to know what was really going on inside of me and the others transforming with me.

Nearly every day since that first moment of healing, I have sought the wisdom of those who have inspired so many and led us in the world of personal change. I have searched for how to connect with what I now call the “pulse of Life”, get into its natural flow, intuitively lead, and do for myself what seemed effortless when witnessed in my mentors. In my incessant searching, I have learned how we change through the study of biology, neural science, quantum physics, and spirituality. I have filled my mind, heart and body with this knowledge and insight gained from many amazing mentors and traditions from around the globe, a diverse group, spanning many ancient cultures to the newer, more modern schools of thought. 

Today, I am content and enjoying the fruits of my labor, personally and professionally, and now desire to return the gift and share these powerful practices with you. Thus, the Living Sensual Institute is born. This community for personal learning offers a different approach to the cycle of healing and transformation. The Living Sensual Approach inspires change through the body and heart’s awareness first, leading to an easier shift of the mind. The practice brings together many diverse perspectives – meditation, creative expression, energy work, spiritual exploration, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and modern therapeutic modalities – into one encompassing aspect of change: a clear and empowered personal state. I have curated this combination of tools and guidance to gracefully support and encourage letting go of what no longer works while embracing the new you desire. The LSI approach has proven to be effective, rich, compassionate and lasting in its affect.



In 1998, I founded Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors, a sustainable feng shui design company. I have helped hundreds of residential and commercial clients across the Northwest achieve their living space visions for both personal and professional environments. The shifts made in the spaces my clients inhabit—whether at home or work— change their frame of mind and how they feel in their lives; they move from disempowered to empowered, distressed to enlivened, scattered to focused, stuck to motivated.  These changes made in their environments have a profound effect on their interior state and the satisfaction they experience from life as a result.


Prior to formalizing my work into the Living Sensual Institute, I have healed, coached and taught many for the last twelve years. Through my multi-cultural concepts of healing and teaching techniques, I have witnessed the success of individuals and groups as they attract and achieve the goals they set for themselves around career and income advancements, relationship satisfaction, creative flow, personal health and peace of mind. 


My certifications, teachers and mentors include:

·      Twenty-Year Practitioner, Forms Theory; Training from Dragoumier Institute, School of Feng Shui

·      Certified Master NLP Practitioner; NLP Pacific, Lindagail Campbell and Associates

·      Certified Angelic Reiki Master; Red Butterfly, April Martin


·      Amba Gale; Gale Leadership Development; Coaching

.      Ashera Serfaty; Luminosity Healing Arts; Peruvian Energy Medicine

·      Christine Wallace; Native Shamanic Practitioner; Healer and Coach

·      Imam Jamal Rachman; Interfaith Community Sanctuary; Spiritual Teacher

·      Rev. Judith Laxer; Celtic Shamanic Practitioner; Hypnotherapist

·      Rev. Kathianne Lewis; Center for Spiritual Living; Science of Mind Minister

·      Lindagail Campbell; NLP Pacific; Master Storytelling and Presentation

.      Liu Ming; Da Yun Circle; Chinese Cosmology, Tantric Buddhist Master

·      Peter Martynowych; Phase Five; Leadership Development, Psychologist, RC practitioner

·      Rabbi Ted Falcon; Paths To Awakening; Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher

·      Rigdzin Tingkhye; This Limitless Life; Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Master


Attended Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont and Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, completing a B.A. in Visual Art and Communication in 1990. Received visual training from The Art Center, Pasadena, Calif., 1987. 



Michael Conrad Williams, VP

I have been drawn to understand universal truths throughout my life. In my youth, I focused primarily on western science explanations, but have become more focused on and aware of the deep value in the lessons contained in World spiritual traditions. Through meditation, qigong, and other practices and training, I have become aware of a deep calling to explore and open to my intuition and have experienced the magic that comes from living from the heart and saying “Yes” to life from this place. I am drawn to share my experiences with others. Through such sharing, I hope to have a positive impact on the way people relate to each other and the World, supporting others healing, growth, and progression along their own paths.

I am a husband, a father, a son, a good friend a healer and a lawyer. I love the horses, Seahawks, movies, laughing and reciting my favorite lines, telling bad jokes, listening and learning and being enveloped in rich discussions about most anything.

BS, Zoology, with Honors, University of Washington – Seattle, WA
JD, University of Washington School of Law – Seattle, WA