Maker of Life and Honey

Piper Lauri Salogga, Spring 2017
Brilliant, beguiling color; sweet, soft petals, smooth and tender, velvet to my touch; wondrous shapeliness: flowing, curvy, lean, pointy, luxuriously lanky—elegance in every form; and heavenly scents come in, lusciousness summoning the center… opening, just for you, and me, bright button of splendor. She is the maker of Life and honey.
Revealing Glorious. “Make us feel good!” we silently exclaim.
Gazing upon her. Grazing her skin. Inhaling her deliciousness. She is a calling to the heart and body—follow the call. Enlivened, exalted, usurped, divined—follow the call. Let joy inflame; wanton nature oozing within—overwrought in nature’s hook that makes us all.
And know, you are one, too. Your body, supple and vital, soaking in the sun, and rain. Your eyes the temple of your desire and delight. Your smile wide in its wishing warmth. You are that beauty, that flower, attracting that bee of your heart. Swoon to your call, opening to the center of it all.
BE the maker of Life and honey.

To Living Sensual!

Heart Sangha: Come to Your Senses

We're making a few shifts to our Heart Sangha gatherings—bringing more sensuality, play and interaction into the mix of heart-connection and higher-consciousness.


This Sangha:  Sumptuous Bliss, Peace and Success

Rosie LynchDoterra rep, reflexologist and aesthetician will be sharing the power of essential oils to inspire our bliss, peace and success.  Rosie will be performing short treatments to sooth and revitalize your system, and teach a partner technique called Soothing Touch (performed on the hands). You'll get to experience these potent plant oils while learning about their various properties and effects.

BRING A FRIEND!  Rosie will be raffling off a few bottles of her essential oils - you could both be winners!
Wine and lite bites served
$10 suggested donation
Because we're building a Heart Sangha.

Definition: Heart Sangha is a community valuing compassionate, honest expression that enables strength and authenticity. We come together to support the practice of joy and wisdom through heart-centeredness. The goal: Be our true self—empowered and connected—all the time.

Sponsored by Living Sensual Institute and Reita Johnston Empowerment Coach

Feel at Peace. Feel Connected. Feel Supported. Feel Alive. 

Beauty, Wisdom and the Nitpick

Opportunities for loving & growing this
Yin Fire Rooster year

I believe many of us have felt like we stepped into a blender these last weeks (Like that old riddle: What is black and white and red all over?) With a whirlwind of Executive Orders, American citizens, and beyond, were thrown into the nearly all-consuming thoughts and feelings that tumultuous change brings—for some this was thrilling: ACTION was finally happening in our old and stale government; for others ANXIETY was the greater sense: so many placed at risk, and what's happened to the checks and balances of the system we used to know? 

All of this chaos sent us judging and provided the perfect opportunity for lashing out, name calling, blaming in all directions—as if we were thrown back to the insecure, back-stabbing land of middle school. And this chaos has created community bonds strongly sewn with loyalty, care and commitment—a much needed upside.

People coming together for heart-felt purpose, more than I have before witnessed or felt in my lifetime: THAT IS WHAT THIS YEAR IS ALL ABOUT. And that is the beauty and wisdom in what threatens to rip us apart.  

It's tough. It's risky. It's enlivening. It's waking us all up. It's demanding that we do the "Inconvenient Work", as the Interfaith Amigos often refer.


2012 interview with the wise and endearing Interfaith Amigos... early days of Living Sensual!  Click to view on YouTube.


This chaos is pushing us each to ask and answer the big questions: 
Who Am I?
What do I believe in?  
What am I a STAND FOR?  
What is mine to do?  
What is my purpose here... this year, this month, this moment?

Radical Discernment: Another gift of the Yin Fire Rooster year.

The natural character of rooster personifies two distinct sides.
In-Balance: Connected to Beauty, Wisdom, Healthy Pride and Ownership in Effort and Accomplishment
Out-of-Balance: Obsessed with nitpicking, criticism, egoic pride, cock-fighting, and needing to be the center of attention.

Add the element of glowing embers (yin fire) and you have a clear choice to make between running your life from your wise, intuitive, collaborative, connected heart OR your fearful, competitive, not-enough, fight or flight head.

I am truly amazed at how the symbolism and the energy of this year has shown up in perfect timing with all that is happening in our country, and in our collective humanity.

We have been given this gift (that feels like a shit storm), and we get to make love out of it. 

We get to learn the much needed yet arduous task of cracking open our fearful egos in favor of heart-felt HUMILITY—learning to really respect and honor that WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS, LIVING ON THIS AMAZING PLANET EARTH, WITH THE SAME BASIC NEEDS: love, purpose, and community; food, shelter, and clothing; and to grow through the experience of our varied undesirable fates—celebrating in the more desirable moments. 

THE GIST: This year of the Yin Fire Rooster is helping us to build bridges as we knock down old walls of fear and judgment (walls in our minds that were created to keep us safe and secure from what we didn't know or understand—walls that live in all of us, in one mistaken perspective or another). We will build those bridges by living from our kind and caring hearts...bridges to our collective better living. 

Will you do the "inconvenient (inner) work" to make this better life possible?

Happy Valentine's Day!

To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper

STAND FOR vs fight against

Solidarity.  Strength within Self, and in Numbers.  
Well-Being for ALL.

We are powerful beyond measure when we Stand Together and Stand For a common cause = a belief held in our hearts and acted on with our minds and bodies.  

When, in every cell of our being, your being, there is connection with what is believed, we feel the roots of it grow in our bodies, in the energy pulsing through our nerves and veins into every fiber and tissue, and out into the world. IT IS this full-on belief that is creating the life we experience. The energy of the mind and body, in collaboration with the creative Life-force, they are put to work making what we are focused on. 

Statements about fighting against, they are actually attracting more of what we don't want:
"I am fighting against inequality, against misogyny, against being without healthcare and joblessness, against hatred."   

Just reading this to myself I am starting to feel anxious, afraid of loosing what I want and need, and I am feeling angry. As I feel this way, my body is creating cells that are responding to these feelings, and my emotions are creating a sticky-like residue that attracts more of this feeling outside myself to myself (you've heard the phrase misery loves company).

LET'S REFRAME (a favorite NLP term):  

"I am STANDING FOR equalityrespect and honor for women (and men), all human beings having affordable, proper health care and good work to provide for and enjoy themselves, and I am standing for love... valuing Life, I know that all beings are created equal, all beings are a gift; each with their own unique perspective, history, talents and contribution—whether they make my life easy, or not."  

When we know what we are standing for, and when we stand for it together, WE CREATE WHAT WE WANT. This is the outcome I am hoping for. And however uncomfortable and frustrating, this is the value of adversity, to bring us together to powerfully, in that life-changing way, stand for what we want.  

Today Is the beginning of creating the life you desire, within your self, and with others.  

What are you Standing For? What will you STAND FOR when you march tomorrow? AND what will you stand for when you speak of the future you are creating with each other in the days, weeks, months and years to come?

To Living Sensual!

XO Piper

Love and Forgiveness for Christmas

A few days before Christmas, this time earmarked for celebration and giving, I realize I don’t want to do it like I have before—and with all that has happened, politically, I’m just not feeling it, that cheerful shopping spirit; I don’t want to band-aid my feelings with external distraction.
I want instead to sink into the depth of my being, CONNECT with and express my true love for those I care for in my life. And I want my family and close friends to FEEL my love, to feel my gratitude, when I share my heart with them through my gift.
This Year’s Christmas Plan: Creating of my own hands and heart, Amelia’s too, and doing it with intentional love—as in Like Water for Chocolate’s rose petal quail, igniting love and passion in myself and others through the emotion and the making.
Breathing love and care, and forgiveness (if needed), into every scoop of the spoon and fork in the bowl (we decided to make chocolates and gluten-free baked goods this year), every fold in the paper and loop of the ribbon, we are sharing my Christmas version of Despacho, learned in the sacred mountains of Peru with Irene Ingalls and Ashera Serfatyand Q'ero shaman, Don Basilio. The energy we breathe into our offerings, filled with our hopes and desires, our love and gratitude, our blessings for a rich and vital and caring future for all, this energy sets these intentions in motion. When we step forward in love, overflowing, fully-believing love, love is what goes out to others and comes back to us.
The sweetness of the season lives here. And this year, in particular, I long for it, that sweetness. It is so needed! Don’t you agree?
This true and authentic expression of love, this forgiveness through love, this is what will bring us TOGETHER—together rather than apart. Exploring what feels sweet to you, see if you can feel it, that love, and breathe it into your gifts from your heart this year (you can practice while you’re wrapping them, or placing them under the tree—feel your love and breathe it into them, your caring gifts, and ask for it to be felt and carried forward).
With great love, from the rich wells of my heart!

To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper


Finding Calm In the Storm

When I slow down these days, I am sensing my own underlying anxiousness: the reverberations of fear in my belly, in my shortened breath, tight shoulders and neck, in my sometimes whirling mind. As the election gets closer (next Tuesday!) I am noticing my feelings of insecurity about our collective future, and my deep desire for safety for us all within these changing times. And when I feel like I have little or no control of the big picture that is unfolding: the well-being of our Country, our State, our Earth, my sweet, small voice reminds me that I do have the ability to affect my own thoughts, feelings and actions – which is something! So I meditate and do what I can to nurture myself and be good to those in my life. This helps me turn my anxiety to peace and a deep inner-trust.  

I would like to invite you to come meditate with me, with us, next Monday.
(Join us for sharing, support and 30 minutes of meditation)


Heat Sangha: Meditation Monday
November 7, 6:30-8:30 PM.  

COME connect in the calm and caring of community.
COME find respite from the media and the intensity.
COME feel your positive energy and move that into the world.
Creating the Life We Desire, Together.


From my heart, to yours.

To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper

The Truth Heals

There has been a lot of truth telling releasing itself in the media and in our daily conversations of late—the one big plus of this tumultuous election.  This telling of the truth, this is what begins to change things: from what we don’t like to what we want.  This telling of the truth can be freeing and healing, when told in safe space, and when shared with others through the sanctuary of honest care.

It is time to heal the past—has been time for a long time.  And we are doing it now.  

Telling the truth, and listening to the truth, with love in our hearts, embracing our similarities and differences, embracing our humanity.  Together.  Through acceptance, forgiveness and believing in our more empowering future.  All of us healing, together.

This is a piece of my truth:



Hour-glass. Curves and more curves. I sometimes hate the curves, that’s me. 

Twiggy I am not, even though I used to always want to be her, to look like the images on those fashion magazines that my beautiful, sassy, stylish, five-foot-zero Mama—my grandmother, who had plenty of curves—always had about the lake house; and she did always look good in those outfits of hers. You know it’s true, Mama! I can hear her laughing, and an “Awh. Thank You,” slight-smoker’s scruff in those sing-songy vocal chords said with a grin, chin slightly down, demure-like from her new home above... I miss her.  We shared one last statement in beauty just four months ago: me and Mama and the curves exposed, letting our bodies show. Me, walking the Midwest strip-mall roads leading to her short-term hospital home, I savagely sported my leather biking jacket, black herringbone print leggings, (every non-linear line on display) and the new nearly no-hair dew—female Buddhist buzz-cut freeing me from the past. My nearly ninety-three years old grandmother adorned her most fabulous smile alongside the free-and-easy of short, pastel, green and pink, two-tie hospital cotton, well-loved arms and legs undraped—perhaps the most stunning look she’s ever worn. “Isn’t it great to be young and free like that,” I heard she told my mom of me a couple days before she rose for the lighter way. Yes, it was great, Mama. Greater than the eyes can see.

Almost 50, indeed there are times I almost love my body, just as it is—a boyfriend who worships my curves has helped greatly in the matter—although sometimes I feel overwhelmed by his appreciation, like I’m some pin-up he snuck into the boys’ room stall. And sometimes, though hard to admit, I like it. Yes, (head up, chest out, back straight, legs long) sometimes, I like that abhorrent, adored attention… the stuff my mother shamed me for when I told her I had sex for the first time (my attempt to connect on the potent, life-changing events of our shared family curves). “You sure were easy,” her response: past atrocities against her curves ruling out motherly affection. Actually Mother, I wasn’t

You see, it took me years to understand this… too many years, blaming the curves… that when he pinned my legs apart and told me I would like it (a sick cliché), and I told him no (another, sicker unheard one), let’s just say I did fight my friend’s brother: who was cute, and who’s attention I did enjoy, and who I did tell many times that night I would not have sex with him (I wish I knew then what I know now about the affirmative power of negative language); I fought him as best I could! And because I lost my virginity to this attractive, older boy, for years I preferred to revel in the fantasy that it was a positive thing. Until I just couldn’t ignore that nasty nagging of the sadness in my heart: the sadness, and the anger, the frustration, the desperation that wanted to scream “Noooooo. I said NO! A million times no. It doesn’t matter that we flirted, that I kissed you, that I enjoyed your attention, that you made me feel pretty and wanted even though I was awkward and overweight (my teenage stuffed-emotional curves), that I was naïve enough to hang out in your room with you—hang out and neck, not have sex. I said NO!” Sometimes, I still need to feel the power of it, say it for the satisfaction that I now can, that complete sentence, “No.” 

Hour-glass curves. I’m not yet sure: gift or gross burden? Men, you tell me. Are you willing to look to my heart first, see it through my eyes, feel the presence of my truth, my love, my desire for connection that travels deeper and longer than your one-off jack-off looking at my curves could ever take you? Or do they have to lower you to the basest animal you excuse yourself to be? Are you willing to rise to your own heart, to feel more than the throbbing that pushed life into us all? Are you willing to know and feel the divinity of your flow? … Am I willing to see it?

Me, Mother, Mama and all the curves want to know.


To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper

The Hero(ine) Hardship

I want to think of the many things that go bump in the night, and sometimes seemingly all day long, the BIG-ass bumps, the events that trip me up, cause me to fall and fail, to miss my breath—gasping for air, choking as the freshness enters to catch it again—I prefer to view these undesirable quakes of life through the auspices of hero, or heroine, as is my feminine form. Yes, I prefer this over the whine of victim or the disregard of stoic survivor. 
And whose heroic example can I live hardship by? 
I like the idea of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, previous times of the round table, mixed with a bit of Buddha. Chivalry, focus, passion with purpose, promises of heart, promises for the good of others, promises that were kept, kept through trust in the god-driven mission, missions driven by the highest forces of Life and Love—these were times of the hero and heroine and hardship dancing side by side. 
Playing Hood or Maid suits, gender does not matter. What the Hero(ine) asks is whether I will speak the truth; whether I will live the flame of my heart and that of my will, letting them jointly burn and brandish my valor; whether I will stand in the bleak that surrounds me as an icon of belief in my good fortune to come, or wilt from blindness and fear, only seeing the good that has disappeared, now undone.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hear this habituated, half-witted, clichéd, flippant delivery in my head on the state of the many challenges we all face as human beings. In fact, we often do grow stronger through the hardships from which we face and learn. In feeling, I find myself refused the reward of making it through the tough, the deep mud gripping, the internal and external beatings and hurdles of life’s trials. I want my reward!
In my romantic notions, the strength I gained from May to May in this year past, through doubled-death and theft of treasures, through accidents with cars and stairs, through broken bones, relationships and spirits, and the audit, in my mind these monthly events of expansion force-fed my emperor and empress of compassion within. Through tears and screams and finding center again, and again, each rip in the fabric of life that I knew of past recreated itself with the sure stiches of benevolence—my choice; it was either this or resentment, and hatred (I had cause).
The nasty hurts and holes of dear loved ones leaving my life and this earth. The pains of aggressive, desperate strangers whaling upon my car, shards of glass in every crevice, taking precious, well-loved and well-used items that touched my heart. The overwhelming feeling of my body’s pain after falling down stairs—two sets, two times… at least it was in Egypt—followed with real-life bumper cars on US soil while trying to empty the small lake from my book bag; culvert water bottle to blame (I had taken advantage of the ease of walking and lifting and turning my limbs and joints before, no longer). Then the numbers, the digits, the money of past calling and pushing from every state filing since 2012—I had said I wanted to be better, do better with money, feel more adept and friendly with spreadsheets—I always seem to get exactly what I want, whether I know exactly what I’m asking for, or not.
The secret of the hero(ine): Believing In, and Practicing, the Alchemy of Life’s Love = educated faith.
Practice what you preach. I’d say there have been enough opportunities to practice this alchemy and faith. Practice and more practice: life’s torrent winds becoming the warm, steady breath of my heart; the adrenalin of ill-fated timing and circumstance charging the focused vitality of my spine; the slogging through, one step at a time, foundationally filling the essence of my constitution, from the Mother up. Practicing inner-peace and outer confidence from this place; harrowing resilience fortifying my being.
Now it is time to lift a goblet of mead to Nottingham, to Buddha, to practice, to fortification, to the sapling heroine, or at this point in my life, the humble and auspicious, well-developed redwood; standing tall, knowing more than before—wiser—loving, compassionate and nurturing.

Cheers to more than making it through. 
Cheers to you too, and to all your good fortune here now and to come.

To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper

You ARE The Mother

Inspired by Mother's Day (my thoughts of all the authentic and powerful women in my life) and the soon passing of my dear and beloved, nearly 93 year old grandmother, "Mama", I called her.  
Read also: Mama and The Creative Force



The Great Mother
Piper Lauri Salogga

You ARE The Mother,
the Feminine Bounty.
Let yourself feel, now,
into that gift,
your beautiful female body,
your resilient, renown heart
and soul.
Your body, born
into this Great Being
we call Mother Earth…
born through your mother
and she through hers…
you are created from the magic,
the magic of Life;
created through atoms and cells
dividing and multiplying;  
created through desire—
desire for Life and living.
Come present, now,
into your body with your breath…
slowed, long and deep…
feel the vitality of this
illustrious body of yours.
Through your lips, now,
into your heart,
feel your breath
making it full,
moving your heart to expand
and open,
to receive—and give.
Through your lips, now,
down into your belly,
feel your breath meeting
the sacred center of you,
your womb;
your feminine gift;
your knowing of all
that is truly right;
your meticulous intuition;
divined partnership.
And through your lips
all the way down to your toes,
to your feet that move you
to journey with Her,
Great Mother Earth,
Creator of Life Itself,
through your breath,
all the way down,
feel how you are connected.
I Call You:
Sacred Maker
Nurturer of the Soul
Mother of Life.
With your heart,
with your words,
with your passion,
with your strength,
with your presence,
You ARE, indeed,
the embodiment
of the Great Mother.
May you witness this wisdom in yourself, through your heart, ears and eyes, and in those with whom you are gifted to share your days; acknowledge the riches of the divine feminine appearing in their own perfect and unique way…   May the Great Mother’s Blessings Reign Upon You

to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper

Easter & Transformation

This time of Easter shares the onset of spring and the great hope of the heart—to let go into the joy of living. Just as winter’s temporary death (hibernation) ends, this bright, glimmer of glory is felt again. Tuning in to witness and be a part, through the gift of your senses, alight all of nature’s signs and signals—Renewal, Recreation—abundance is beginning to abound.
Nature indeed does know how to bring revelation (a revealing to self). Its own telling a mirror to our inner-desire for joy; Life’s force cannot hold itself back from bursting forth, restating its purpose to live, and do so beautifully, on this unique, magical planet of creating—Sacred Earth1. I believe this is to what Buddha and Yeshua2, Allah and Abraham refer: coming out of the dark, rich and rewarding solitude, the time of inner-reflection and correction births now through spring, into the light, making anew. A hopeful opportunity we, all sentient beings, formally receive each year.



Transformation is just that, isn’t it? The great cyclical changing that we can often feel and experience as a miracle. And perhaps, this state called transformation is also the simple, trusted, consistent push of growth—magical in its continual creating force, and to be expected.

When we slow from our routines of chasing the much-wanted prize of success, goals tightly knit in our minds, gipping stress felt in our bodies, choices informed by societies’ pressured selling (turn off your television), we have the occasion to be touched by the enchantment ourselves. And then, that prize of Life is found right here, right now, in this moment you are living.



Easter’s Spring
Piper Lauri Salogga
Boundless birdsong, winged orchestra, octaval morning sound; the kind that lifts me beyond: no thoughts, worries, strivings, merely home, to myself—art and nature at one. I too can coo with the breaking of dawn, excited for the day, for the words to say from my heart into the world that wants to exchange;
Shower’s tunes no longer kept in the box, coming out, even if starting by hum, trilling off my lips as I meander on this now sunny path, just weeks ago covered by remnants—the great changing wind. 
“Just. This.” Reminded, rediscovering the vitality in each step, each breath, each sound and sight and smell. “Just. This.” Reaches far more than I expected before… forgotten were the many gems back then, in the darker days of winter… now, the buds releasing, vulnerable, tender petals long, thin, short, round, yellow, purple, white, and pink, revealing the scents that beckon, receiving the awakening within.
Upward, clouds of tiny flowers sweetening my eyes. Some new, some old—just a week or so open in their glory—letting go with a push of the sky; pattern shifting ever more rapidly than my feet can carry to dry. Happily drenched in these warmer refreshments, resilience springs forth again.


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper


1 Term used to craft a new perspective and story of our human lives on Earth, Change The Story, Change The Future, Korten
2 Common Arabic name given to Jesus, The Magdalen Manuscript, Kenyon and Sion