“There shone on his face the serenity of knowledge, the one who is no longer confronted with conflict of desires, …who is in harmony with the stream of events, with the stream of life, full of sympathy and compassion, surrendering himself to the stream, belonging to the unity of all things.” Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha, p 136.


Calm your mind.  Touch your heart.  Focus your energy.
Attract the life you desire. 



Why Living Sensual?

Our sensory connections to life are powerful. They shape our memories; they tell us what we like and dislike; and they affect our feelings and beliefs about our life.  Our senses are also our direct connection to the energy of our heart, and our heart is the direct connection to our intuition coming from our powerful subconscious mind. When we engage positively and consciously with our life through our senses we are able to live in the Flow of Life, a place of trusting, acting, and following our intuition – the clear, leading strength of our lives unmuddled with emotional history or weighed down with fear. Following our intuition always leads to our next best step and we consistently find ourselves in the right place at the right time. We are able to manifest, peacefully and powerfully, the life we desire.     



the method: Live The Life You desire

We all have a cycle of moving toward what we want: THIS IS IT.

We all have a cycle of moving toward what we want: THIS IS IT.




  • Feeling stuck in the old energy of disappointment and fear around work, health or significant family and love relationships
  • Blocked from moving forward on a desire or goal you wish you would act on
  • Wondering if you can ever feel a deep sense of peace inside yourself
  • Living in the guilt and shame of the past more than you are enjoying the present
  • Longing for change but afraid to take the risk
  • Have heard about the power of manifestation yet are confounded by how to activate it in your own life


What Stops Us From Living Our Vision?

We are blocked from our ability to manifest the life we desire when we are stuck in our triggers from the past. Our access to our intuition is stopped-up by our intense and often conflicting emotions based in fear – fear of loss, fear of looking like a fool, fear of rejection, fear of calamity or injury, fear of being alone, fear of not having enough. All of this fear keeps us disconnected from our intuition and trusting our next best step, creating a place of well-being, a place of thriving for ourselves and others around us. Rubber-banding between hope for the future and fear of the past, we become neutered in our power of the present. 



How Can I Move Beyond My Fear?

When we can change our relationship with our past sensory memories, past experiences, we can create new ones to take their place, embody new beliefs and experience new outcomes in our life. We align our body, mind, heart and spirit to do this effectively. This alignment is the goal of Living Sensual. Based on twenty-two years of studying healers and peacemakers such as Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Mother Theresa, Ghandi and other masters across the globe. This program unlocks a path to powerful, peaceful, fulfilling living through integrated embodiment between all aspects of our self.



 Living Sensual Institute Vision:

If we could – individually and as a community – focus ourselves and our lives through the gift of our senses, what we hear, smell, taste, see, touch and intuit, life could open to us in brilliant ways, life could be real magic. And we could all experience the vitality and peace of mind, the powerful living we long for, with more than enough to share. 

Walking the path to experience communion with all of Life through our senses isthe way of Living Sensual. Helping people discover and act from their heart-felt selves, spreading that well-being in all that they are and do, this is the mission of the Living Sensual Institute. 



A METHODOLOGY – Healing, Connecting, Attracting

  • Freedom and empowerment come from dissolving patterns of behavior that keep you stuck in boxes that no longer fit.
  • Peace and fulfillment come from living honestly in connection with others and with Life.
  • Manifestation and contentedness come from opening your mind, body, heart and spirit to receive what you envision for yourself.

Our program provides workshops, mentoring, and connection through community that supports these aspirations to develop the life you desire.


A MOVEMENT – Living from The Heart.  You Are the Leader.

It starts with your connection to yourself and affects every person, every relationship you engage in, from the clerk at the counter to your closest family member.

  • Looking to another’s heart rather than their physical presence alone cultivates caring and equanimity amongst us all.
  • Letting down the facades, speaking from an honest place about your successes and your challenges gives us permission to be human with each other.
  • Speaking and acting from a clear and compassionate state, especially in conflict, changes the paradigm of right and wrong, creating solutions through meaningful conversation.
  • One choice, one person, one honest, connected interaction at a time – this is how the movement happens, and the movement starts with you.


A LASTING WAY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Tools, Inspiration, Connection

  • Tools:

The tools of Living Sensual have been gathered over two decades from great teachers across the globe. These tools represent those used by the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Arabic, Christian, Celtic, Hawaiian, Chinese, East Indian, Native American, and American cultures.  They are designed to  engage all of you, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul, promising lasting transformation when you use them.  See our schedule of classes.

  • Inspiration:

Our blog, Beauty of Being Human, was created to support and inspire all of your journey through its expression of graceful honesty, celebration of life , emotional exploration, and manifestation.  We will also be offering many other written, visual and auditory pieces from our favorite wise ones.

  • Connection:

Through compassionate, honest expression with ourselves and with each other, we find exponential strength and authenticity to stretch and grow into the life we want to live. This connection gives us permission to be ourselves, all of the time, feeling at peace, and feeling supported. Please join our monthly Heart Sangha or take a class and discover for yourself the power of this community.   



A single step forward can mean the difference of a lifetime.


The power of your Heart.
The power of your Healing.
The power of You!



1 Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, California, Heartmath.org