Why Do We Have Desire?

To me this is like asking, "Why am I living?"  "Why am I breathing?"  

A friend and colleague, Michael Bogar, recently shared with me, Desire comes from the root Desiderare, "to long for, wish for, await what the stars will bring" and the phrase De sidere means "of the stars." 

Contrary to many old beliefs, our desires are not a sin, they are not selfish. Our desires are connected to our soul purpose, our passions, our expressions of self and our relationships as human beings on this planet earth. For an average of 78.74 years we get the gift, the opportunity, to experience all that Life has to offer, to grow it within us, to create it outside of us. Our desires give Life the direction to make this happen in a way that is uniquely fulfilling to us.

How many of Life's choices do you think you might be presented with in just one day? How many choices about what you want to experience, what you want to have, eat, hold, read, accomplish, how you would like to care for yourself, care for others, who you want to spend your time with, what you want to say, to express, how you would like to interact? How many of these choices do you think you are presented in just one day? Twenty, fifty, one-hundred, or more? And how do you discern, do you make all of these decisions? What is motivating you, leading you? I say it is your desires. The outcomes you wish to materialize.

And when you have a moment of floundering, as we all can and do, of not knowing what you want, what happens? Someone else's want is fulfilled, the person or people who knew what they wanted. Yes?  

If you want your desires to materialize for you, you need to know what they are. You need to voice them, visualize them, believe that you can have and be them, feel yourself changed by them before they have even arrived. You need to put a stake in the ground and act toward them.

And being the beautifully complicated humans we all are, this path to wanting and receiving is not always clean and tidy. Often our past fears come into play. These fears need and want to be acknowledged and nurtured and worked through in a way that continues to keep you focused on your desire and heading in the direction of its receipt.

This is what we do at the Living Sensual Institute. We step into desire, your desire. We support you to claim it, feel it, work through the resistances to having it, being it, and we support you to conjure it, attract it to you. We believe in you and the heart of your desires.

If you have a desire, one that keeps calling you, and has felt continually out of reach, come work with it, move toward it, feel the nature of its gift entering into your life at our Summer Empowerment Camp this month.

Coming you will be part of an intimate group of 12 enjoying and expressing from the heart of yourselves and your desires. Supported by 3 top-notch coaches and mentors and 6 wise and well-trained therapy horses, this weekend camp is all about your breakthroughs, your clear next steps that will lead you to realize your desire, it is all about your empowerment. The many prolific life-changing processes used in the Living Sensual Way have been successful for millions, and they can be successful for you too.  


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Live in Love with Life
xo Piper