Meetups to Explore Your Heavenly Senses

A community, a heart sangha, valuing compassionate, honest expression that enables strength and authenticity. We come together to support the practice of mindfulness and heart-centeredness through the inspired exploration of the gift of our senses. The Goal: Live from the heart—empowered and connected—all the time.

Join us for monthly events featuring experts in Sensuality, Play and Conscious Partnership through the lens of Heart-Connection and Higher-Consciousness.  




Paint Your Way to Peace

GET LOST IN THE COLOR, the brush strokes, the smell of the paint. Get lost in what your heart wants to create. THIS IS PEACE. In this moment. You and your divine nature creating together. Celebrating what is inside and wants to come out. Every expression is perfect!! And so are you.


Tuesday, April 25
7:00-9:00 PM
Living Sensual Studio - north Capitol Hill
(address to come upon your RSVP)

$20 suggested donation
Paint materials, lite bites and beverages provided


Because We're Building a Heart Sangha.

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Past special guests & Programs


Tibetan Buddhist lineage holder, Rigdzin Tingkhye


  The Many Jewels

Rigdzin has added a joyous and power ritual to our event this evening, Nishu Ghu. Nishu Ghu is the  shamanic and tantric Buddhist ritual of Cleansing and Purification for the Tibetan lunar New Year.  We will begin our evening with a celebration of the last day of the month before the new year begins tomorrow, "Burning Out the remains of past years and Proclaiming the opportunities and light of the coming years."

Tantric Buddhism is filled with glorious descriptions of the beauty of Life bestowed upon the loving heart: lotus flowers in pinks, blues, yellows and reds, scents of the Divine, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, glorious, delicious foods plentiful to the tongue and mind.  This bounty of Life is a continual gift to be received and shared with others.  This bounty of Life stems from the compassionate and trusting heart.  Come learn more and enjoy the grace of Rigdzin's presence and teachings in this week's Heart Sangha.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014: The Heart's Role in Meditation

Rigdzin translates this to: "Your heart's intention leads to the path, Yee ni tso shiny ngla dro."  And, "Kind heart leads to kind earth and kind path, sempa sang na sa thang lam yang sang," You choose which you love more.

A calm and compassionate, beautiful, knowledgeable and wise man, Rigdzin has touched many in the Seattle area over his 25 years here. With a rich understanding and life lead through the tenets of Tantric Buddhism, his heart and his mind are one in the same, and his presence is pure sweetness. I am so fortunate to call him my teacher.

More on Rigdzin Tingkhye:
Rigdzin was born in Tibet in 1957, two years before his family followed His Holiness the Dalai Lama into exile in India. There, along with other first generation Tibetan refugees, they supported his efforts in preserving Tibetan heritage and building a thriving community in exile. Rigdzin spent his formative years studying under a faculty body comprised of some of the leading scholars of old Tibet. The blessing of receiving teachings in Tibetan history, culture, language and philosophy from these eminent masters has been one of the great joys of his life. Rigdzin is the owner of the Tibetan import store in Greenwood, where unique and soulful beauty abound, Pema Kharpo. You can find out more about Rigdzin and his offerings on his website:


Vision Boarding: 
let the details of your want organically appear


Sandra Fischer, writer and visionary


What do visionaries like Walt Disney, Bill Gates, or Martha Stewart have in common?  They are visionaries who turned their dreams into reality.  For some, the role of visionary comes easily.  However, most of us need tools to help design the future we want.  Vision boarding – the act of creating a vision board – is one such tool.

Creating a vision board is a tool anyone can use to define their dream answer to any one of these questions.  Through vision boarding, it is possible to use pictures, words, scissors, and a little glue, to take your dreams and desires from your conscious and unconscious mind, and then turn them into something real and tangible. You can use your vision board to focus your energy on manifesting what you have imagined.  You know what you want and you can see it.



The Magic Of Egypt
We are delighted to be sharing the Ancient Energy of Creation from our recent travels to Egypt. 

Uplifting stories, Beautiful images, Delicious food and drink inspired from these ancient lands,
and Powerful Egyptian essential healing oils—one will be chosen especially for you.


The magic of Egypt is based on the energy of sensuality and duality—the intimate partnership of creation everywhere.  The stories and images of sacred ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, the depths within their temples, will draw you in to share their gifts: love, compassion, courage, strength, health, joy, knowledge, and abundance.  Which do you want to receive? 

Step into this vitality with your heart open.  Feel this Life Force in your body, in your heart, in your mind.  



Sumptuous Bliss, Peace and Success

Rosie Lynch

Rosie Lynch


Rosie Lynch, Doterra rep, reflexologist and aesthetician will be sharing the power of essential oils to inspire our bliss, peace and success.  Performing short treatments to sooth and revitalize your system (tailored to what you need), you'll get hands-on experience while also learning about the various properties and effects of these potent plant oils.