The Living Sensual Way: Empowering the Life You Desire 
A weekend of personal growth with your body, your heart and the horses 

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Date: Weekend of July 24-26, 2015
(7pm, Friday, July 24 through 3pm, Sunday, July 26, 2015)

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When the wisdom of your heart and body join the wisdom of the horse you can learn and grow in an integrated way, experiencing a powerful, positive shift from past habits and expectations to the new ones you prefer. The insight that lies within yourself and the horses can't help but show you, tell you, exactly what you need to see, hear and feel to begin to make this shift, to step into your empowered state of being, to create the life you desire. 

This is real-life magic.  This is the power of you in partnership with Life.


Coming to this workshop you will

                Communicate honestly and feel good about it

                Fine tune your listening skills for more effective communication

                Trust your highest source - you don’t have to do it alone

                Tap into your inner-guidance that always leads to your heart's desire

                Let your desire empower you, it wants you to be successful!



Red Tail Farm in Maple Valley, WA. 
Conveniently located just 35 minutes from the Sea-Tac airport and 45 minutes from downtown Seattle.



The grounds of Red Tail Farm offer a natural, wooded, meandering waterway oasis - a majestic invitation of the seen and unseen. It is perfect for a lovely weekend of tent camping amongst community, for time and space to slow down, for connecting with the earth and sky and getting into the rhythm of the land and all it has to offer. 

In the spirit of the farm, you will be served delicious, healthy organic foods to buoy and sustain you throughout your learning. All meals will be provided with consciousness to varied dietary choices (vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free). Upon your registration, we will provide a packing list and request any food requirements you might have to help you come prepared for natural comfort on the farm.


Weekend Includes:

2 days and nights for trusting exploration, caring insight and empowerment

16 hours of dedicated time with 3 high-level coaches

All food and non-alcoholic drink included

Set-up and take-down support of your natural weekend home  


Mentors and Coaches:

Piper Lauri Salogga is the founder of the Living Sensual Institute, a community for personal learning that offers a different approach to the cycle of healing and transformation. The Living Sensual Way inspires change through the body and heart’s awareness first, leading to an easier shift in the habits of the mind. This practice brings together many diverse perspectives – meditation, creative expression, qigong and other energy practices, neuro-linguistic programming, spiritual exploration and modern therapeutic modalities – into one encompassing aspect of change: Your Clear and Empowered Personal State Attracting the Life You Desire. The Living Sensual model has proven to be effective, rich, compassionate and lasting in its affect.


Michael Williams has been drawn to understand universal truths throughout his life. In his youth he concentrated primarily on western science explanations, and over time has become more focused on and aware of the deep value in the lessons contained in World spiritual traditions. A practicing attorney, Michael answered his calling to explore and open to his intuition primarily through martial arts and medical qigong healing. Now, trusting the magic that comes from living from the heart and saying “Yes” to life from this place, Michael has been sharing his experiences and teachings with others for the last five years, supporting their healing, growth, and progression along their own paths.


Rachel Dexheimer is the co-owner of Red Tail Farm and the founder of Equispire Coaching and Consulting. Rachel is a powerful and dynamic coach, speaker and author who spent 18 years thriving in the cultural and technical complexities of Fortune 500 alongside her 30 years building relationships with horses. “My love affair began in my garage as I 'rode' a stack of tires and dreamed of the black stallion striding beneath me.” As the horses became real, her love and commitment blossomed, first through Dressage and cross-country jumping and now as an equine-coach. Rachel has personally experienced the transformative effects of equine companionship, watching as her understanding, respect, and trust of the horses as peers has deepened, their relationships have transformed. And as her relationships with the horses have transformed, so have all her human relationships. Rachel employs her Level 1 Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching certification along with her own Present Moment model. She is honored to engage daily in the great joy and deep fulfillment of working with the horses in service to their clients.


$639 per person

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