and then blessed appears

To fully claim the feeling of what I want is to call it to me without doubt - this is embodiment.  And to celebrate its arrival, to dance in joyful gratitude, is to give Life its greatest satisfaction!  Ah, to be a loving participant with Life. xoPiper

Blessed Appears by Piper Lauri Salogga Oh blessed appears to greet me at the door, the gates of my heart, wanton and full.  Bright rays across your face, reflection speaks your desire, your promise, your will to unfold before my sheaths, skin and bone and soul.  Shutter at your presence awaiting, all of me to come met by thee, your lips tender wanting and mine, mine uncontrollably leaning, pulsing, pulling thine closer whilst searching.

Golden key unlock the sweetness deep, longs for expression through another, the tension pressing within.  To share the heart through infinite expanse, majestic grazing unfolds the rhythm: apart yet tugging, silent yet hearing, feasting without tasting, nor truly seeing, only the scent of calling, weighting my self in your midst, guiding me to your pleasure.

Oh love of thine, Divinely sent, waiting, wanting, just for thee, no strings shall tether nor confine the bounty that is ours in this quiver.  Upon the tongue soft and smooth, flowering purity, gushing delight, to ponder and revel in this night.  Glorious thy whisper, tingling, light, butterflies dancing through the hum, see now the messenger come.  Arch and flow, beckon me thither, until tomorrow rises and claims another, day in its love, to embrace upon the beat, to steal the moment undone.