what wants

What wants to be healed in you so you can Thrive? What is calling your Attention and asking for you to Step In? How are you being asked to Trust, trust what you want, and that you Can enjoy it?

These questions and more will be explored in the upcoming Living from The Heart class held at the Center for Spiritual Living this Saturday, October 5, 10 am - 3 pm.  (Class details and reservation link).

STEP IN to What Wants You, what is calling you.  Step Into the Synergy of Life, of Your Heart.


Synergy by Piper Lauri Salogga

Souls making, a beatmet doors wide, no secrets kept, not one,

in the breath living you, me.

Vulnerability quakes these golden hearts beneath fragment alphabet, controlling, pulling apart.

Perplexed, complex, scenarios are, why the angel spoken afar

in you? Reflections, mirrors clue –

at times I hate the face of truth.

Less skins, see through, the beacons’ bright light the room, by every heart in human

freedom, floats to carry us too.