the greatest gift - synergy

Being in the flow, as I often say, truly is the greatest gift.  Connection and fulfillment abound, right next steps moving through you with ease.  My wish for you this Holiday season, the time of gifts of all kinds and commitment to renewal, is to feel the love of your connection and the peace and inner power it brings. to living sensual! xo Piper

Synergy Piper Lauri Salogga


. Souls making, a beat met, doors wide, no secrets kept, not one,

in the breath living you, me.

Vulnerability quakes these golden hearts beneath fragment alphabet, controlling, set apart.

Perplexed, complex, scenarios are, 
why the angel spoken afar in you?

Reflections, mirrors clue –

at times I love and hate the face of truth.

Less skins, see through, the beacons’ bright light the room, by every heart in human

freedom, floats to carry us too.