Oh, how we feel uncomfortable with the unknown.  Don't we try to put almost anything in the gap, just to avoid the jitters and anxiety of waiting for the answer to be revealed?  Yet, it is in the pause, in the quiet of the pause, that we receive exactly what we need - if we can remember to stay open and listen, trust that it is coming.



In middle’s expanse, everything disappears,


all sound, all  light, all smell to wild calls of life.

In the midst of those waters enters no one without steed, the force of unknown taking

to the knees, tugging – the undertow.

Don’t judge as less, as weighted

rather, a powerful place for this moment’s resting story, rescued from

over-glory; simply the visitor. Milieu has not, then has,

brilliance come out; uttering anew, fresh lands’ whisper, “Wander

here to light’s measure.” Being reveling in wall flowers’ waiting

attention from your gaze. Let yourself, let yourself

listen to the phrase, stillness speaking, showing

the way to the lush valley hither.

to living sensual, xo Piper

Poem by Piper Lauri Salogga