What the Heart Creates: The Sacred Unexpected

Question: Is it our ideas of what will happen, our planning for it, our counting on it, that secures our success? Or, is it our being willing to make sacred the moments that are, despite our best laid plans? It is important to look at how we hold this question, and how effective our approach is to creating and feeling fulfillment, getting what we want from our living. I believe our success lies somewhere in the middle of planning and “going with the (inspired) flow.”  No plans at all means no where to land, no target to hit.  And rigid expectations leave no room for creativity – better solutions, better circumstances to appear – with what is.

Perhaps this middle way was at play in last week’s Heart Sangha. The paint supplies were abundant. I was happily imagining the colorful palettes and lovely mess as we prepared for our evening.  And, our conversation led us in a different direction, exploring with the Tarot. With each one of us pulling a card, or three, or four, on behalf of a question sitting in our hearts, the stunning, symbolic images already painted in the Thoth deck, provided spot-on insights, revealing themselves in divine place and time.


. Justice was mine, called Adjustment in the Thoth deck.  Balance amongst the polarities, boundaries and groundedness, connection through the Pulse of Life, trusting in my intuition, my clarity of thought within this connection… and the tetrahedron, who’s shape appeared to me years ago as a space of focus and expansion, the tetrahedron, my centering point.  All perfect guidance from Aleister Crowley to me.

How I cherish our sanghas.  It is a sacred time of inward focus and sharing for outward fulfillment.

Come join us Thursday, June 26th for our next gathering – I think we really will paint our meditations this time – the supplies are all here!

.to living sensual! xo Piper . Next Heart Sangha, Thursday, June 26th. 7-9 pm. North Capitol Hill Studio, Seattle. RSVP to info@piperlaurisalogga.com