What the Heart Creates: Magic for Real

Last week a beautiful group of men and women gathered to be honest, together, to open their hearts in safe space, together, to explore what churns within, and to play in their churning through paint and brush. Beautiful in their desire to live on purpose, to live in the open, to live embracing vulnerability and the risk of letting themselves be seen. Beautiful in their creation.

Our breath guided the journey to the golden strings of the heart playing the music of unconditional Life and love, golden strings that let us fly off the edge of assurance, golden strings securely tied to the wings of our trust and exploration from this elevation.

I found myself hang gliding on divine freedom coming from my connection to the pulse of Life, the pulse of Beauty. Others found themselves feeling the waters of their emotion and the waves of stepping in, or the growing roots deep within.

I decided to call this painting Hozho.  Hohzo, beauty as a way of being in and with all of Life, a perspective, a philosophy of living, an energetic force that pushes and grows each cell in us to its ultimate destiny. Joyful I journeyNavajo chantJoyful I journey.Joyful with life-bringing rain clouds I journey.Joyful with refreshing rain I journey.Joyful with growing plants I journey.Joyful on the pollen trail I journey.Joyful I journey.As it was long ago I journey.May there be beauty before me.May there be beauty behind me.May there be beauty below me.May there be beauty all around me.In beauty it is complete.In beauty it is complete.To connect with Hohzo, say this in the morning as you wake, imagine that beauty is surrounding you, that rain is refreshing you, that plants and their fruits are sharing so joyfully with you.  Feel this energy of beauty wrapping you in its embrace, making your life a living love.  Try it.  Say this chant from the opening of your heart.  It is nearly certain that this opening will make all of your life beautiful, one breath, one expression at a time, as it has mine.  This is Magic for Real.

. to living sensual! xo Piper

.Painting by Piper Lauri Saloggsa Chant found in Listening With Your Heart by Wayne Peate

. Next Heart Sangha, Wednesday, July 16th. 7-9 pm. North Capitol Hill Studio, Seattle. RSVP to info@piperlaurisalogga.com