What the Heart Creates: The Place of Presence

Joy on one side, sadness on the other. Ease on the left, frustration on the right. Peace in one step, chaos in the next. This is how it is, in the movement of our minds; our humanness walking the tightrope of our experiences, our reactions. And if we're not on one side, or the other side, if we're not in joy and not in sadness, then where are we? And what is this experience like, this space of between? The place of not knowing. The place of curiosity. The place of presence.How do we get to the Place of Presence when one side of the rope has us hooked and strung? How do we create balance on the tight rope of the middle path when each side is pulling us over?Core Strength. Focus. Fall and get back on. Slow. Pay attention. One spot. Chest and head up. Get back on again. Open. Breathe! Yes, breathe.


This is what is required for the thin-line walking, this is what is required for the middle path. This is what we practiced and played with and shared in Heart Sangha last week.  Through tarot cardsSoul Cards and Medicine Cards - animal wisdom, the I Chingdowsing rodsPocket PemaThe ProphetTaking the Leap, and other great books and tools of insight, we looked, touched, explored which we were drawn to and what it had to share with us.

Some of my favorite take-aways were:

  • “Just. This.” A Buddhist Meditation technique: Breath in, “Just.”  Breath out, “This.”  Over and over again following the breath, in and out. Simple, calming practice.
  • Mindfulness is not mindlessness.
  • Stop trying – right breath, right thought, right prayer, right way, right feeling… it is all right, as it is.
  • Let it flow.  Step into the flow.  It is so peaceful there, everything, every feeling that greets you there.
  • The dark is a beautiful place, a place where we can see inside, where we come to intimately know ourselves.

to Living Sensual! xo Piper

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