Living Sensual Institute - A Methodology. A Movement. A Way to Change Your Life.


Peace to your mind.  Touching your heart. Focus your energy.  Attracting the life you desire. Living Sensual: Live in Love with Life

.. When you place your attention on your natural, beautiful connection to all of Life, hardships gracefully melt away and are replaced with the joy you so desire.  Your mind, body and heart feel honored, complete, and you can now hear your intuition sing your next steps, show you the way, leading you to your fulfillment, your success, over and over again.  This is the way of Living Sensual.

Living Sensual:  A METHODOLOGY – Healing, Connecting, Attracting

  • Freedom and empowerment come from nurturing and laying down the old blockades that have kept you stuck in boxes that no longer fit.
  • Manifestation and contentedness comes from opening your mind, body and heart to receive all the love, power, peace, experience and resources you desire.
  • Fulfillment comes from living honestly, receptively, in connection with others and all of Life.
  • The first step – learn how to allow, to feel, to be, all of you, in all of Life.

 Living Sensual:  A MOVEMENT – Living from The Heart

  • Feeling and sensing, being in our bodies fully and consciously.
  • Integration and connection with all of our selves, not just the selves that look and feel good.
  • Connection with others from this place of truth; facades are no longer necessary and we honor the Beauty of Being Human.
  • One choice, one person, one interaction at a time – this is the movement, and the movement starts with you.

Living Sensual: CREATING THROUGH – Tools, Inspiration, Connection

  • Tools:

The tools of Living Sensual have been gathered over three decades from great teachers across the globe.  These tools represent the most effective from those used by the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Arabic, Christian, Celtic, Hawaiian, Chinese, East Indian, Native American, American and more.  These tools engage all of you, body, mind, heart and soul, promising lasting transformation when you use them.  See our schedule of classes and downloads.

  • Inspiration:

Our blog, Beauty of Being Human, was created to support and inspire all of your humanness through its expression of graceful honesty, living celebration, emotional exploration, and manifestation baby!  We are also offering many other written, visual and auditory pieces from our favorite wise ones.

  • Connection:

Through compassionate, honest expression with ourselves, with each other, with Life, we find exponential strength and authenticity to stretch and grow into the Life we so want to be living. This connection gives us permission to be all of ourselves, all of the time, feeling at peace, feeling supported, feeling alive. This connection is our creative force, is our intuition, is our satisfaction and success with our relationships, our health, our work, and our resources. Check out our monthly Heart Sanghas and classes and step into this community of powerful living.

Look for the Living Sensual Institute to launch its website September 20, 2014.

“There shone on his face the serenity of knowledge, the one who is no longer confronted with conflict of desires, …who is in harmony with the stream of events, with the stream of life, full of sympathy and compassion, surrendering himself to the stream, belonging to the unity of all things.” Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha, p 136.

The power of your Heart. The power of your Healing. The power of You!



living sensual


Live in Love with Life

xo Piper