STAND FOR vs fight against

Solidarity.  Strength within Self, and in Numbers.  
Well-Being for ALL.

We are powerful beyond measure when we Stand Together and Stand For a common cause = a belief held in our hearts and acted on with our minds and bodies.  

When, in every cell of our being, your being, there is connection with what is believed, we feel the roots of it grow in our bodies, in the energy pulsing through our nerves and veins into every fiber and tissue, and out into the world. IT IS this full-on belief that is creating the life we experience. The energy of the mind and body, in collaboration with the creative Life-force, they are put to work making what we are focused on. 

Statements about fighting against, they are actually attracting more of what we don't want:
"I am fighting against inequality, against misogyny, against being without healthcare and joblessness, against hatred."   

Just reading this to myself I am starting to feel anxious, afraid of loosing what I want and need, and I am feeling angry. As I feel this way, my body is creating cells that are responding to these feelings, and my emotions are creating a sticky-like residue that attracts more of this feeling outside myself to myself (you've heard the phrase misery loves company).

LET'S REFRAME (a favorite NLP term):  

"I am STANDING FOR equalityrespect and honor for women (and men), all human beings having affordable, proper health care and good work to provide for and enjoy themselves, and I am standing for love... valuing Life, I know that all beings are created equal, all beings are a gift; each with their own unique perspective, history, talents and contribution—whether they make my life easy, or not."  

When we know what we are standing for, and when we stand for it together, WE CREATE WHAT WE WANT. This is the outcome I am hoping for. And however uncomfortable and frustrating, this is the value of adversity, to bring us together to powerfully, in that life-changing way, stand for what we want.  

Today Is the beginning of creating the life you desire, within your self, and with others.  

What are you Standing For? What will you STAND FOR when you march tomorrow? AND what will you stand for when you speak of the future you are creating with each other in the days, weeks, months and years to come?

To Living Sensual!

XO Piper