Finding Calm In the Storm

When I slow down these days, I am sensing my own underlying anxiousness: the reverberations of fear in my belly, in my shortened breath, tight shoulders and neck, in my sometimes whirling mind. As the election gets closer (next Tuesday!) I am noticing my feelings of insecurity about our collective future, and my deep desire for safety for us all within these changing times. And when I feel like I have little or no control of the big picture that is unfolding: the well-being of our Country, our State, our Earth, my sweet, small voice reminds me that I do have the ability to affect my own thoughts, feelings and actions – which is something! So I meditate and do what I can to nurture myself and be good to those in my life. This helps me turn my anxiety to peace and a deep inner-trust.  

I would like to invite you to come meditate with me, with us, next Monday.
(Join us for sharing, support and 30 minutes of meditation)


Heat Sangha: Meditation Monday
November 7, 6:30-8:30 PM.  

COME connect in the calm and caring of community.
COME find respite from the media and the intensity.
COME feel your positive energy and move that into the world.
Creating the Life We Desire, Together.


From my heart, to yours.

To Living Sensual!  

XO Piper