precious truth

It can be hard to tell or even to admit to the secret spaces of ourselves.  The truth, that speaks in our hearts, when so much around us is wanting it to be quiet and just go along, it can take quite an act of bravery and great trust to let is part your lips. And how can you begin to imagine living the life to which you feel drawn if you cannot tell the truth?

What is your truth?  What is it that calls you, that you so wish to share, whether to release into the past or have grow into the future?  Can you utter it, even if under your slight breath to start?  Can you give yourself this gift, this freeing?

My truth: dissolving a marriage, it hurts, like hell, even when you know it is the right thing to do.


Perhaps Piper Lauri Salogga

I weep for all the yearsTruth-and-Love-cloudy-heart4 it wasn’t, what I had dreamt of, wasn’t so full of embraces, kisses, kind words, a lifting,

wasn’t my saving grace;

now, the closing door, not looking back for chances, opening no more.

I travel this road, only sidled before, to ride the journey – head out sun and rain and breeze

on my face. There is a sense of freedom, and also of sadness, regret and shame;

not knowing (delete) not following, what somewhere in my heart I did know.

I am sorry my love. So sorry to not have been the wife I wanted to be, to not have been as lovable as I imagined, all those years, not as competent and complete.

Within and without I did desire only to make you, us, happy – only longed for happiness.

Perhaps, the windows all down now, perhaps, we can live again and be full in wanting and believing



to living sensual! xo Piper