Tipping into Yes

Excitement, Titillation, Spark, Connection.Brilliance that moves and lives between, among.

Connecting with another.  Connecting with a flower.  Connecting with the birds’ song as spring teases us along through the late winter.  The pine tree outside our window or in the park nearby, calling from the fresh scented goodness.  Connecting to the heart, our heart, in pleasure of all kinds, in all places.


What do we do with it?  The shiver of delight when it comes, the lightning gift from our giving way from safety and stepping into the opening, the vulnerability, the quiver to receive.  What do we say to it, this gift?

“Yes, you are my delight.  Yes, you are here for my fulfilling.  Yes, I am so grateful.”

Can we do that?  Is it okay, allowed?  Honestly, are you allowing yourself to say YES to what you so love and desire?

Or is it too much?  Too much to want?  Too much to accept?  Too much when others have so little?

To find calm and sit with it, all this pleasure.  To take time to know it, get used to it, getting what we want.  To hold it and let it grow its greatness in us.

The truth: the unexpected discomfort from this elation of being met, of saying Yes to the glistening offerings appearing with ease can throw us off and have us throwing out the energy, the fulfillment we have spent so long inviting.  Like a hot potato we get rid of it fast, not knowing what else to do, not knowing how to focus our energy and vitality into it.

First Step: Breathe. Deep. The type of breath you can feel expanding you.

Sitting on the fine edge of yes and no, of receipt and repel, of I can and I can’t, the fine edge of a moment’s decision – Slow Down, slow way down, so slow you’re not even sure if time is still ticking, yes, that slow, and breathe.  See if you can feel your breath open your chest.  Breathe again.  See if you can feel your breath open your belly.  Breathe fully.  Feel your breath moving though your whole body.

Second Step: Smile. Smile big. Head up, eyes toward the sky, lips curled to the light.

Smile from your heart.  Let your breath meet your smile.  Let your smile and your breath loosen your grip, your fear and discomfort falling away for this moment.   Every supple living organism in your body is taking in the tingling goodness that is being given to you for your wanting.  Say yes with your breath, say yes with your smile, say yes with your body.

Third Step: Open and say, out loud, YES!  Arms wide above your head, chest freed to receive. YES! In a whisper or a holler, proclaim it.

I do want this.  I don’t know how to control it.  I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen next.  I may feel wild and wily and thrilled to spilling over, and that may have me spinning.  And, if I just keep breathing and smiling and saying Yes, staying put with both feet planted on the ground in Yes, I can have it, what feels so good.  I can have it and keep having it.  Life knows I am pleased with its pleasure and it knows by my enthusiasm to return with its gift again, and again.

You are the model for the new way.  You are the model for Life’s tenacious and generative giving, thriving.  Yes, you.

On the edge of expansion, right up on it, lean in, you can, lean in, take a deep breath, smile and say Yes!  Tipping right over, enjoy.

to living sensual!