Magic Horses

Just Trust.  What I want from you is to trust me. Words from my inner self to me, spoken into the open air of the horse arena.

As if heard by Life, by Spirit itself, Rohan then nuzzled me with his large, soft nose in a repeated, gentle up and down motion while my eyes were closed, deeply engaged with that discontented part of me that was speaking its need. He followed with a sweet tickling of my face, grassy-breathed, big, warm-winded sigh, an intimate gift of release as if to say, Yes, just let it go. Let all your worries go. Yes, you can trust.

All throughout my guided exploration in the arena I could feel Rohan’s conscious, strong presence. I so appreciated this four-legged creature of wisdom who leads his herd from his intuitive, male power. His example, his clear reassurance helped me let it all down, all the strife, and I did so with small tears of deep appreciation cleansing my vision.  Thank you Rohan!  You are the reminder I needed.

All weekend long each of the horses lovingly participated in synch with our energy, guiding and moving us to greater awareness, to our next best steps, individually and as a group.

Earlier in the morning, in the midst of calling in the directions, creating sacred space, Jewel lay her body down to the earth of the arena while the other horses stood protective watch – the ultimate act of submission to Spirit, to the work we all were about to adventure into. 

Later on in the day, one of us was trying to release a pain carried in his left lower arm, a pain that had appeared in connection to his fear of rejection, opposing his longing to belong. During his work in the arena, Dijon, the oldest of the geldings, tall and white, kindly sidled up on this man’s left side, rubbing his arm with his neck in a slow, soft, long bowing motion, committed to helping him release his pain, shedding his long white coat, a beautiful leave-behind that made us all giggle.

How do these amazing horses know exactly what to do and when to do it? How do they connect with such gentleness and care? How do they hold the heart of each individual and move it toward its purpose?

It truly is Real Life Magic! The horses, these special therapy horses, they are the wise, unspoken tending to exactly what you need. This is their work, and they are so gifted at it.


Feeling so supported, we stepped richly into the desire of our heart, the vulnerability, the excitement, the fear, the hope, and were met with encouragement, with answers to our questions, with compassion, and with opening. Healing was alive in us, Life was showing up in all amazing ways through the farm, each other and the horses.

As we closed the workshop, Grace, lead mare, gorgeous red presence of female stature and nurturing, having just finished championing one of us to step in and feel the presence of her feminine power, trotted with focus to advance to the front of the herd, ahead of Rohan, the lead gelding, to receive her hay-dinner. There was no fight, simply a bit of super-charge to take the point home. Grace was a stand for what was called forth, that it was now time for this person to allow and trust the feminine to take the lead. 

Just Trust.  What I want from you is to trust me. I think we all had a bit of that message running through our explorations at Red Tail Farm. And I believe I got it this time.

Taking my cue from the sage Jewel at the start of our magical weekend, I am choosing to surrender and follow as I am called. Jewel made sure I got this message with a pleasant grazing of my face, her cheek against mine, as I sat in our human circle sharing my big take-away from our time together –

Lay Down (my ego) and Do What’s Next.

Can’t wait to offer this wonderful experience in the future.  Watch for its next offering in our Upcoming Events.

to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper