We Need The Light

In the midst of our harried external living, we need the light. Not just the kind of light that says, “ You can do it. You can conquer it. You can get it. You can overcome it.” They feel good to hear. But when the hurting is deep, incessant within, and the running, numbing, avoiding is leading, overriding, this external cheerleading only skims the surface and never reaches the trenches where the light is desperately needed, is so wanted.

Call this light to glow deep within, to warm the cold hardened spots of grief, anger, disappointment, worry, fear of the not enough, and feelings of loneliness, unlovability. Call this light, the softening touch that melts us with its caring truth, with its calm, with its unconditionality. Ask for its knowing, trusted radiance to connect with every cell of your body, tenderly, sweetly, infiltrating the old stuck ways and parts that long for this light and love to change them.

“Great Sprit, please show me, please let me feel, how you love me.”

Into all the spaces inside you will let it. Flowing in. Tingling as it touches your being. Opening, opening more. Letting it move to warm you deeper. Nurturing energy lighting the way to the peace, to the acceptance, to the love that you’ve been waiting for.

Letting it in, you are softened by the light with every loving breath.
Letting it in, you are touched by the warmth with every caressing beat.

In partnership. In loving, nurturing, creating-a-new, divine partnership.  
You with the pulse of Life, the magical, ever-peaceful, manifesting creative source that is everywhere.


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper