May Blessings Reign Upon You


May the life that lives you provide for you;
  may you have plenty to enjoy and share.
May your lips enjoy the splendor,
  your heart rejoice in the fare.

May blessing reign upon you
  in all forms filled with love.
May you delight in all connection
  come freely from above.

May your eyes feast upon the beauty
  of all that is brought before you.
May your belly be full of healing words
  as the countless bounty adorn you.

May blessing reign upon you
  in all ways you desire;
Touching the hearts you imagine
  would benefit and inspire.

Giving thanks for the modest,
  the humble and the meek,
  for the generosity and benevolence
  that shares itself upon your sweet cheek.

Giving thanks for all the blessings
  that reign upon you this day.
The gifts that come in abundance,
  hereafter, and for all, may they come
  to you every way. 

You are a blessing!


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper