A Living Sensual Day

Today, Farmer’s Market day. Akin to teenage afternoons at the mall with my friends, I woke with excitement to browse what was fresh and new, to see what colors were calling me, what textures lit my eye and how they would all come together to entice my imagination, become combined in beautiful and tasty ways.

Travelling connected to the sun and breeze, top down in the convertible, Neil Diamond graced my ears, head bopping singing at full lung capacity to Crunchy Granola Suite. Communing in my own walking meditation alongside the many market goers, living appreciation for the earth’s bounty and all those talented, local farmers, cultivators of deliciousness.  

Just a few hours after my wheels found an easy spot to land curbside I returned home totally satisfied. Reusable bags were full of fresh eggs, cheese and yogurt, gluten free flax bread, corn tortillas and GF blueberry granola, salmon, Italian sausage, salami and bacon ends – perfect for a quick morning breakfast with eggs – pickled beets, apples, rhubarb, root vegetables and greens galore: kale, spinach, varied, wild salad leaves topped with golden-yellow nasturtium.  

As fulfilling as the two pair of pants and cute tops I scored all those years ago, and the process was so much more enjoyable. Today, outdoor-shopping in the glorious sun, side stops to taste the vegetable quesadilla, salmon burger slider and yes, half-dozen mouth-popping mini market doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar. No clothing had to be removed and reassembled. No self-judgment had to be quelled due to a little too much on the backside or the thighside. Every purchase was for the betterment of my health (mini doughnuts questionable).

Sharing the abundance of savory nourishment with those I love:
Baked salmon with white miso glaze
Sea salt, garlic and rosemary roasted sweet potatoes
Simple sautéed kale
Beet, wild green, cilantro and goat cheese salad to cleanse the palate
Gratitude, overflowing 

A quintessential Living Sensual day – I do so loves these days when I am mindful to orchestrate them. And now, full of health and life, I feel so good. Thank you Life for all of your gifts.

to Living Sensual!
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper