What Is Bliss?

“There is no place for tightness if you have bliss in your heart.” Lama Thubten Yeshe

How do you come to experience this “bliss in your heart” in a way that stays with you and grows? In a way that blossoms and renews, that spreads its good-hearted delight everywhere it goes. How do you come to know this way within, authentically? Not the suit of happiness that comes with the perfect outward face that makes you feel acceptable. Rather, the inward glow of loving acceptance of self that you have come to feel.

Devotion. This is how we come to the bliss in and of our hearts.  

Devotion to that treasured guide that pumps our blood, that connects our body’s vitality, that lives our soul. Devotion to its unconditional listening. Devotion to learning, learning to be open, learning to let go. Devotion to the possibility that there is more love than hate, for self, for others. Devotion to seeing, to noticing those moments, people, things that touch you, that please you, that want to play with you, sweetly. Devotion to feeling all that moves through you – happiness and sadness, hope and fear, excitement and dread – and learning to let it keep moving, moving to what is next. Devotion to coming to know your magic that wants to live you, that wants to know you; the most loving, supportive resource, an old and devoted friend, a nurturer and a cheerleader, a guide of the wisest kind. Devotion. And time.

You may start with five minutes practicing, discovering what this experience of devotion feels like and acts like in you. Or you may start with twenty, seconds, minutes, hours, days. You may already have a practice that works for you. And you may wish to lean into, up the energy on, your commitment, expand your willingness, to feel, to deepen your connection, to your heart, to your magic, to your Life.

Every thought, act, intention that comes through your heart will bring you, eventually, greater relaxation, will move you, bit by bit, further away from the tightness, will lead you closer to bliss. Doing it, your practice to connect through your heart, this is the place of transformation, out of suffering into greater fulfillment, happiness, ease. With each breath, with each millimeter of opening, with each second of thank you, this is where the Yes to the life you want to be living resides. Through your devotion you become the Yes. You are the Bliss.

How are you called to step into your devotion, your connection to your heart, to your source, your magic? What is your very next step?

Perhaps, your next step is a deep breath, and then another deep breath, and a moment to listen and see what comes next, how you are guided… in the space of the breath it is the first calling, the first vision, the first words that whisper themselves into your mind. Write them down and then try, try what has come. Perhaps you will find it easy, blissful even. And if you would like support, I am here. I believe in you.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  Goethe

to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper