From the Heart

When Life Will Change Us
    by Piper Lauri Salogga

When we think that our pleasure is a necessity, rather than a gift, that’s when life will change us, all of us. 
I’m not talking about that temporary type of pleasure, the kind that takes you up, so up, or just up enough, high for an instant, an hour, maybe a day if you’re lucky, and then slams you down, hard, and leaves you longing for its fill again to feel, be, complete, loved, good enough in your imaginary fix. Not that kind of pleasure. 
The kind of goodness, succulence I’m talking about comes from the center of your soul meeting the clean breeze, taunting winter’s frolic against your check, on a bright, brisk day like today. It comes from the warmth of the heat on your feet after they’ve taken chill and the sweet shivers that run up your grateful spine for the melting traveling your toes to your heart. The kind of pleasure I’m talking about is the fullness of you in the most momentary of presents to unwrap in an instant; like a child seeing a squirrel for the first time, within arm's reach, scurry up a tree, face bloated like baseballs, full of nuts for winter’s store, soft and quick and cunning, your smiling face coming closer, giggling with anticipation, vision blurring as your smashing, tender lips meet their smooth, pink cheek. The great pleasure I speak of comes from the trust that you know, like you know you will take another breath, that Life is supporting you, all of you, all of us, to live in this love and curiosity and connection that we so desire, to surrounded ourselves in this beauty who's evidenced-growth is everywhere, bringing us treasures of all kinds, all the days long.
When we come to partner with this pleasure, indeed, that’s when life will change us.

to Living Sensual!
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper