Thankful In That Way

What does it mean to be thankful? Thankful in that way where your heart balloons with warmth and you get those “warm fuzzies,” as we called them in grade school, all over. What does is mean to feel this sensation, this emotion, this exaltation over the simplest of experiences – your waking, warm cup of tea or coffee; the fresh, cool water quenching those parched lips; a delicious meal, flavorful, healthy, every bite eaten with acknowledgement for the lives that were given, for the many efforts made by human, earth and animal alike to grow, harvest and distribute this scrumptious nutrition that you are taking in?
Our gratitude felt is our life line to the abundance that graces us.  
Beyond words said, under or outside our breath, our feeling of thanks, genuine, in the moment we are having its positive experience, titillates our brain, kindly touches the cells of our body and fills our heart with its most favorite of pleasures – giving. 
Yes, our receipt of these gifts with our feelings of gratitude, our gracious “yes and thank you” is a return gift to the givers, all the givers: your body, the hosts and cooks of your dinner, the concoctors and publishers of your favorite recipes, the grocery store of your meal’s makings, the boat and truck drivers who delivered all those yummy ingredients to that store near you, the farmers who nurtured and tended all season, all year long, and Life, nature, soil and seed, animal and mineral, the creation and growth of everything.
Your “yes and thank you” completes this perfectly-timed, complex and miraculous cycle of Life that grows us all. Your acknowledgement, your energy of Yes! satisfies its purpose.
You complete Life when you give back with your gratitude.
So let your heart sing, your words flow, your smile glow for all around you to see and feel. Start a new contagion with your expressions of momentary thanks and watch its effects spread to everyone you touch, watch it spread within you. 
Let yourself live this thanks for the good life that you have and Life will dance at your daily party, showing up with more and more gifts to share on behalf of you both. Gratitude is glorious, and when you feel its flow like a sweet, tingling sensation moving throughout your body, it is divine.

to Living Sensual!
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper