a new lens


Open in to find glistening gems, reflection’s hymns beyond distant occasion. Transform willingness to see – new rays cross past these boxed pains.

Eyeing into, unlocked through – feel, widen, expanded view.  Scope, trembling motions’ hope quakes, the crevasse, break through past no longer.

  Feeling into all the tiny pools of hope, and want, and love, the puddles of sadness and loneliness, the ripples of elation and excitement.  Feeling into the pockets of opportunity to reach your soul where it shines so brilliantly.  Feeling.  Feeling the flow of these rivers throughout you, through every part of you, moving to tempos each of their own will – meeting together in the ocean’s vast greatness in you.

If only, if only we trusted, really trusted that our feeling was our connection, not our destruction.  If only we knew, in that innate way, that our feeling was our opening, when listening to its sweet and subtle nuance, giving it our sincere attention.  If only we were willing to let it tell us, tell us all about it, tell us what is wanted, what is needed, what is next for us to do.

To step off, just for a moment, step off the rails driving us to Become, pushing to our future, to step off into now, this beat in time, to breath now and inquire, “What am I feeling?”  And without hooking to the story of pointing fingers, of who did what wrong, allowing the feeling to come forth and be noticed and nurtured by you.

Can you imagine the gift? Can you imagine the freedom?

The powerful flow of all Life is here. Welcome the Open. A new lens.

. to living sensual! xo Piper

Poem by Piper Lauri Salogga Image by Megan Tyler

Lens - a transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images