We are here.
Do you feel us?
We are here.
Do you hear us?
We are here.
The energies
of breath
fire, flow,
We are here
in the hum
with your body,
for your speech
of your mind
through your heart.
We are here
when you call,
from the feeling
place within:
earnest, open,
wanting Life.
We are here.


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper

Living Sensual Institute - A Methodology. A Movement. A Way to Change Your Life.

Peace to your mind.  Touching your heart. Focus your energy.  Attracting the life you desire. Living Sensual: Live in Love with Life

What the Heart Creates: Magic for Real

Beautiful in their desire to live on purpose, to live in the open, to live embracing vulnerability and the risk of letting themselves be seen. Beautiful in their creation.