You ARE The Mother

Inspired by Mother's Day (my thoughts of all the authentic and powerful women in my life) and the soon passing of my dear and beloved, nearly 93 year old grandmother, "Mama", I called her.  
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The Great Mother
Piper Lauri Salogga

You ARE The Mother,
the Feminine Bounty.
Let yourself feel, now,
into that gift,
your beautiful female body,
your resilient, renown heart
and soul.
Your body, born
into this Great Being
we call Mother Earth…
born through your mother
and she through hers…
you are created from the magic,
the magic of Life;
created through atoms and cells
dividing and multiplying;  
created through desire—
desire for Life and living.
Come present, now,
into your body with your breath…
slowed, long and deep…
feel the vitality of this
illustrious body of yours.
Through your lips, now,
into your heart,
feel your breath
making it full,
moving your heart to expand
and open,
to receive—and give.
Through your lips, now,
down into your belly,
feel your breath meeting
the sacred center of you,
your womb;
your feminine gift;
your knowing of all
that is truly right;
your meticulous intuition;
divined partnership.
And through your lips
all the way down to your toes,
to your feet that move you
to journey with Her,
Great Mother Earth,
Creator of Life Itself,
through your breath,
all the way down,
feel how you are connected.
I Call You:
Sacred Maker
Nurturer of the Soul
Mother of Life.
With your heart,
with your words,
with your passion,
with your strength,
with your presence,
You ARE, indeed,
the embodiment
of the Great Mother.
May you witness this wisdom in yourself, through your heart, ears and eyes, and in those with whom you are gifted to share your days; acknowledge the riches of the divine feminine appearing in their own perfect and unique way…   May the Great Mother’s Blessings Reign Upon You

to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper