Easter & Transformation

This time of Easter shares the onset of spring and the great hope of the heart—to let go into the joy of living. Just as winter’s temporary death (hibernation) ends, this bright, glimmer of glory is felt again. Tuning in to witness and be a part, through the gift of your senses, alight all of nature’s signs and signals—Renewal, Recreation—abundance is beginning to abound.
Nature indeed does know how to bring revelation (a revealing to self). Its own telling a mirror to our inner-desire for joy; Life’s force cannot hold itself back from bursting forth, restating its purpose to live, and do so beautifully, on this unique, magical planet of creating—Sacred Earth1. I believe this is to what Buddha and Yeshua2, Allah and Abraham refer: coming out of the dark, rich and rewarding solitude, the time of inner-reflection and correction births now through spring, into the light, making anew. A hopeful opportunity we, all sentient beings, formally receive each year.



Transformation is just that, isn’t it? The great cyclical changing that we can often feel and experience as a miracle. And perhaps, this state called transformation is also the simple, trusted, consistent push of growth—magical in its continual creating force, and to be expected.

When we slow from our routines of chasing the much-wanted prize of success, goals tightly knit in our minds, gipping stress felt in our bodies, choices informed by societies’ pressured selling (turn off your television), we have the occasion to be touched by the enchantment ourselves. And then, that prize of Life is found right here, right now, in this moment you are living.



Easter’s Spring
Piper Lauri Salogga
Boundless birdsong, winged orchestra, octaval morning sound; the kind that lifts me beyond: no thoughts, worries, strivings, merely home, to myself—art and nature at one. I too can coo with the breaking of dawn, excited for the day, for the words to say from my heart into the world that wants to exchange;
Shower’s tunes no longer kept in the box, coming out, even if starting by hum, trilling off my lips as I meander on this now sunny path, just weeks ago covered by remnants—the great changing wind. 
“Just. This.” Reminded, rediscovering the vitality in each step, each breath, each sound and sight and smell. “Just. This.” Reaches far more than I expected before… forgotten were the many gems back then, in the darker days of winter… now, the buds releasing, vulnerable, tender petals long, thin, short, round, yellow, purple, white, and pink, revealing the scents that beckon, receiving the awakening within.
Upward, clouds of tiny flowers sweetening my eyes. Some new, some old—just a week or so open in their glory—letting go with a push of the sky; pattern shifting ever more rapidly than my feet can carry to dry. Happily drenched in these warmer refreshments, resilience springs forth again.


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper


1 Term used to craft a new perspective and story of our human lives on Earth, Change The Story, Change The Future, Korten
2 Common Arabic name given to Jesus, The Magdalen Manuscript, Kenyon and Sion