Plenty and Her Three P’s

Walking the labyrinth at St. Mark’s Cathedral on Capitol Hill, my annual New Year’s Eve tradition, I was prompted by Beth Buelow, the renown Introvert Entrepreneur coach, to come up with my word for 2016.

            “Um, just one word?! ”  I said. 

Oh that’s tough. Just one word as a theme for a whole year. I have so many things I want to open to this year, and so much I want to accomplish… to focus on one that brings them all together.

It took some meditative walking, the twists and turns of the labyrinth guiding my body, heart and mind, until that word that holds the key to my intentions this year came beautifully clear: PLENTY.

Photo: Dan DeLong/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Yes, I want Plenty of ease and grace; Plenty of health and strength; Plenty of play and joy; Plenty of time: time with friends and family, time for love and listening, time for work and focus in a way that feels fulfilling, time to care for myself and be good to others; Plenty of resources; Plenty of affection; Plenty of gratitude. I am really liking this word!

And perhaps because I am an only child, who most of my life longed for siblings, and I like to draw outside the lines, Plenty just had to have a few sisters join her for clarity, and the fun of it:

            Peace, Play & Pleasure

Intimately know and act from the center of myself = Peace
Take things lightly and look for the fun = Play
Gratefully enjoy all the ways Life is gifting me though my senses = Pleasure

With Plenty and Her Three P’s at the forefront of my focus, I’m feeling like I have a well-rounded palette to create the life I desire this year.

If you could pick one word that encompasses the type of year you want to have, what would it be?  Can you take Beth’s challenge and pick just one?  Do share, please!

Cheers to your loving and fulfilling year.


to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper