The Art of Patience: How It Works

We had a great class and group last week! There was a good question from  a participant that encapsulates the heart of the topic, so I'm answering it here:

“How do I experience more patience, exactly?”

Patience comes from TRUST. When we trust that what we want and need is coming to us, may already be present but for our lack of noticing it, then the pressure we feel to "make it happen," which can cause anxiety and lack, naturally releases.  

Trust comes primarily from two places. First, a strong connection with our intuitive heart and our highest source within, so that when we receive an impulse to act it is clear and we trust ourselves to follow what arises for us to do. Second, trust also comes from the collection of evidence that this source, Life, is creating on our behalf; remembering all of the situations, and connections, and resources that have appeared, been provided for us, when we needed them (from small to big, all of them count). When we gather evidence of this track record of Life providing what we have been focusing on, we begin to trust that it will keep providing, and we understand that what we focus on—with our mind, our heart and our body—is what will show up.  

So then, we develop patience and compassion with ourselves as we allow our mind and body to focus more on what we want and less on what we are afraid of. And you can trust that you are always growing and developing, that you are always getting better and stronger and more skilled; you have done this since you were a baby and you will continue to do this all of your life, including now, naturally.

The work of the Living Sensual Institute is to support this process of growth and skill within so that your body, mind and heart fully believe a new, more peaceful, more trusting way of being in the world—a way that gracefully supports your creation of the life you desire.

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