I Am Healing

My recent trip to Egypt was extraordinary on every level.  Of course I simply loved being in a culture I had not experienced before: meeting the people, hearing their language and song, seeing their ways of living, eating the very delicious food.  Taking in the human history in these ancient inhabited lands was also inspiring; the many stories and icons of spiritual belief, the rememberings of pharos and their shifts in power over thousands of years, temples built over temples.  And the energy connoisseur that I am, my very favorite, life-changing events were those where the relics of time, the holy of holies, danced with my body, my heart and my mind.  In the temple of Sekhmet at Karnak, for example, the two-thousand year old Sycamore tree greeted me like a grandmother whose roots assured my own and sturdied me deep after feeling myself loosened with love by the healing energy of Sekhmet (goddess of compassion and strength) herself, and her consort of health Ptah.  Michael and I could not keep the tears of opening, of power, of transformation in as we were greeted there, nurtured there, changed there, forever.

Since my return, I have continued to feel my way of being in the world rearranging itself, my spine realigning, my older less-positive emotions, no longer having a comfortable place to reside, releasing.  The movement of Egypt has continued to heal me and bring my inner-greatness forth with grace and vulnerable courage.  I am so grateful for Her ancient lands and lessons of being human.  I feel like I've fallen in love and found a part of myself in it.


So grateful at the Temple of  Sekhmet,   Karnak Temple Complex , Egypt

So grateful at the Temple of Sekhmet, Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt


I Am Healing

When I do this
I disappear,
deep inside.
of myself;
whirring through sensation,
truth that calls
my attention.
I am healing.
Cells and focus and feelings
creating what my body needs,
what my heart wants,
what my mind can help create,
when it knows how—the mechanics of healing.
And this takes time
and patience
and kindness.
(When I hurt sometimes
I can
get down
on myself,
beat myself up for not doing
feeling better…
should have known better…
but I didn’t.
So now I am healing).
my cave of guidance,
safe and warm,
without harm—
save from myself—
trying to
nurture the newness
that is developing,
happiness just
wisdom gained
through the honesty
of the hurting.
Yes, it is okay to hurt.
We all hurt,
have hurt before—we have this in common.
And, on the other side,
the fear and pain,
we are going through
letting it come,
tenderly acknowledging,
we find
how the magic sparks

to Living Sensual
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper