Receiving The Mountain

I woke this morning to Mountain’s majesty a glow, hundreds of miles away yet shining so brightly she, Ms. Baker, seemed just across town. Gorgeous push of earth reminding me again of the magnanimity of all things – Oh how I needed this gift! – Mountain knocking on the door of my heart, telling me in its bold, quiet way, “Re-connect. Step back into my pulse. I am here for you.” 

In the excited hustle of it all: the holidays, the gift buying, the work, the class creating, the design, the detail doing, the relationships, the listening… and not listening so well… I’d been going and going, practicing my energetic and spiritual techniques in the going but to slow down enough, enough to feel in my roots, in my cells, well, this feeling of my practice had fallen away. This feeling, through the connection in my body to this beautiful energy of nature and Life that feeds me, and loves me, and that I love so very much! This feeling of the magical, bodacious and stunning source communicated through Mountain this morning, this is what I needed and was longing for.

Mountain! Tree, Sky and Lake. Birds. Sun and Clouds. Rain, yes you too, thank you for your presence, for your beauty that makes the day and night, the Life force of and within us all.  Without You we would be nothing and with You we have the opportunity to receive the divine right of living, and loving, and growing, and being in creative connection with it all.

This morning my heart is again receiving; re-opened by Mountain. It is aching a little with its morning stretches and I am grateful for the discomfort – a sign that I have successfully let down the guard of busy to so fully receive Life and let it gift my day.

to Living Sensual!
Live in Love with Life
xo Piper