Living Sensual Institute - A Methodology. A Movement. A Way to Change Your Life.

Peace to your mind.  Touching your heart. Focus your energy.  Attracting the life you desire. Living Sensual: Live in Love with Life

What the Heart Creates: The Place of Presence

Joy on one side, sadness on the other. Ease on the left, frustration on the right. Peace in one step, chaos in the next

What the Heart Creates: Magic for Real

Beautiful in their desire to live on purpose, to live in the open, to live embracing vulnerability and the risk of letting themselves be seen. Beautiful in their creation.

What the Heart Creates: The Sacred Unexpected

Question: Is it our ideas of what will happen, our planning for it, our counting on it, that secures our success?

What the Heart Creates: May I Let

All clearing the old, that may want to linger out of habit, but no longer fits, no longer serves.  Clearing to take in.